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Carolina Surf Brand is a lifestyle brand created by watermen who have been making a life on the Carolina coast for over 2 decades.

Celebrating the coastal lifestyle of Carolina watermen and women, Carolina Surf Brand focuses on the holy trinity of coastal life: Surfing, boating, and fishing. We provide a stylish and functional line of apparel and gear to meet the needs of a clientele that expects durability and style as standard equipment. Whether at home or somewhere on the trail to a remote surf break, our gear will stand up to whatever you throw at it.  To make sure our gear works we have our Ambassadors take it for test runs, beat on it, kick the tires and make sure it lives up to our standards. If they say it doesn’t work then you wont see it on our website. Our Ambassadors help us present our products and we have chosen Ambassadors that truly live the lifestyle we represent, spending their days at the beach and on the water chasing the pursuits that we all love.

Meet The Ambassadors of Carolina Surf Brand

Ambassadors of South Carolina


Thomas Cannon

A transplant from Wilmington to Charleston, Thomas represents the both of the Carolinas along the east coast in professional longboard contests.
Thomas is a regular on his longboard at the Washout, and when in North Carolina, he can be found at the Pipe in Kure Beach.
When not in the water, the itch to travel takes over, and he and his wife take the time to unplug from civilization.


Jimmy Long

Jimmy lives on Folly Beach, S.C. and surfs every chance he gets. If you surf at Washout you’ve probably seen him  ripping. We’re stoked to have Jimmy repping our gear!


Shaun Ducker

Shaun has been surfing at Washout since he was a grom and has been ripping it up ever since. He is one of the most stylish and naturally talented surfers in the Carolinas and regularly turns heads with his surfing everywhere he travels Shaun and CSB ambassador Jimmy Long regularly train and surf together constantly pushing each other further and higher! Shaun possesses an amazing surfing prowess and we are super psyched to have Shaun join us as a Carolina Surf Brand ambassador and team member.


John Lighthart / Team Manager

John grew up skating on James Island and bodyboarding on Folly Beach where he spent most of his summer days getting dropped off at 10th St. John caught his first wave on a surfboard at age 10 and 32 years later still can’t get enough surfing in to satisfy the soul. He rides shortboard, fishes, retro single fins, beater boards …whatever he can get to float. Competed one season in ESA in high school and spent some time working in Ocean Sports and Barrier Islands surf shops. John spent many of his weekends while attending University of South Carolina to come home and surf. Years later he lived in Pacific Beach , San Diego for a year surfing various breaks. Favorite break of all time is Black’s Beach. John has surfed up and down the East Coast and been on surf trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua and Hawaii. When not in he water with friends, John enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 sons and daughter.


Morgan Hurley

Meet Morgan Hurley, one of the Ambassadors that tests and represents our products: Born February 19th, 1983 Morgan is one of our brand ambassadors for Carolina Surf Brand. Morgan grew up surfing and skateboarding on the Isle of Palms of South Carolina back in the early 90’s. During high school and much of College Morgan traveled as much as possible in search of good surf. Studying abroad and surfing in Australia, multiple trips to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, and long stints in wave rich destinations like Indonesia and Mexico, Morgan has grown a lifetime stoke for surfing. Morgan says “I will ride anything from longboards, shortboards, to stand up paddle boards” . Morgan is a two time state champion in SUP, got second in Mid Atlantic Regionals for SUP, and third in longboard at Easterns. Currently Morgan works as the General Manager of Mex 1 Coastal Cantina, a Baja style taco joint serving craveable grub, tasty tequila cocktails, and surf videos playing all the time. “When I am not out in the water, my ideal day would be chillin on the beach with my wife, my dog Coa, a cold beer, and a good book”. Pura Vida…


Russell Jackson

Russell has been surfing for over 30 years. He grew up surfing in Myrtle Beach, SC and competed in the Eastern Surfing Association, National Scholastic Surfing Association, and numerous pro/am events over the years. Working in a coastal field he has had the opportunity to travel throughout the US Coastal Regions and the world experiencing diverse cultures and surfing in many exotic locations including Bali, the Mentawai Islands, Sri Lanka, Baja, Barbados, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Hawaii.


Savannah Bradley / Ambassador

I caught my first wave at nine years old. My parents threw me into a camp for a week and didn’t realize what they were getting into…

At age eleven I surfed my first contest. There were no other girls, so I had to surf in the boys division. Came away with second place after making it through two rounds of heats to enter the final. I went on to compete in ESA, NSSA, endless amounts of local pro/am contests, national events, and even a few WQS events. (Unfortunately being so young and not attending consecutive events my seeding was never of great worth.)

I had the fortunate opportunity to travel on an All-star team and also train in several locations including; Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, California, East Coast, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.


Annie Obrien

 I grew up on Folly Beach where my dad taught me to surf when I was 7 years old.  I rode my first waves at 3rd Block West out front of where we lived.  I’ve competed in the Wahine Surf Classic each year since it began, as well as the East Coast Wahine in Wrightsville Beach a couple of times, and other local contests including the Joe Hiller Longboard Classic and the Remember Craig Classic.  I worked at McKevlin’s Surf Shop for almost 8 years where I learned a tremendous amount about the surf industry and was able to try out a ton of boards in the process. I’ve been fortunate enough to surf in California, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua-Nicaragua is my absolute favorite!  Next on my list is El Salvador, and my dream would be to surf in the South Pacific. I’m finishing my Masters in Public Administration at the College of Charleston in December 2015 and plan to work in human services or local government. Stoked to land a “big girl job” to start saving for plane tickets to more waves!


Jasper Millis

I am ten and started surfing on Folly Beach, SC when I was about four. I was born in Alaska and came down to South Carolina when I was two. I have been surfing in contests in South Carolina and Florida since I was 8. I won some ESA contests this year and would love to win some more. I really love to surf hurricane swells at Folly, the Outer Banks of NC and in Florida. When I have free time I play Academy soccer for SCUMP, free surf, skateboard, and hang out with my friends after school. I want to be a pro surfer when I grow up: either on the XXL Big Wave Series or the ASP World Tour. The surf breaks on my bucket list are J Bay, Teahupoo and Pipeline. I want to be a pro surfer because when I surf it just makes me feel like I am on top of the world.


Siraya Windsor

Siraya has spent countless weekends growing and exploring on the Isle of palms and Folly Beach. From the time she could walk she expressed her love for earth and sea. She aspires to become a marine biologist. She loves getting up close and personal to underwater life. In September of 2012 Siraya earned several offers to play Collegiate Volleyball. After much consideration her longing to stay close to the coast won and she accepted an offer at charleston southern university to earn her undergrad in biology with the intent of later obtaining a graduate degree from a costal university rich in marine life resources. When Siraya is not studying or playing Big South Conference volleyball she is climbing waterfalls in Hawaii, swimming with sharks of the coast of Jupiter, hitch hiking to maneuver through south California, deep sea spear fishing in the Bahamas, cliff jumping locally, and engaging in anything that involves a board. She is currently falling in love with learning the art of surfing. You may spot Siraya playing sand volleyball, surfing the wash out early mornings, playing guitar under the pier or hanging out at Oceans with some of the founding fathers of Carolina Surf Brand. Siraya is currently planning her next adventure with the gang.


Jenny Brown

My love of the ocean started at a very young age and there was never a doubt that I would always be close to the sea. Living on a sailboat for 7 years taught me how little you really need. I love fishing and snorkeling and all things water. My family lives from the sea as my husband Chris is a great fisherman and my two daughters Grace and Georgia enjoy surfing ,fishing and traveling . Chris is a constant inspiration for me always pushing me to be my best with surfing and any passions I pursue. He is a great surfer and teacher as well. I have been teaching and practicing yoga for 20 years and blending surfing with yoga is such a great way to connect to the ocean and your body, physically, mentally and spiritually. Just being around a group of kids is so refreshing. I have owned and operated Shaka Surf School for 11 years. I love coaching kids at our surf school! It allows me to experience the ocean through their eyes and they are Always STOKED! Giving inspiration and guiding ladies to be courageous is another life purpose for me and I feel most alive when I see others enjoying the ocean. So Yeah , I am so grateful and honored to live this life and follow my heart , to always stay close to the sea!


Bree Labiak

Carolina surf brand Ambassador. Hailing from the Myrtle Beach area Bree is a great addition to the Carolina Surf Brand Ambassadors. Bree loves to surf and it shows in her personality and everyday life. We are really stoked to welcome Bree to the CSB team.

Ambassadors of North Carolina


Cameron Paul

Current Residence: Carolina Beach, NC
Interests: Surfing, Sailing, anything on the water really, photography, and traveling.
Instagram: Cameronleepaul

Cameron was Born in Portland, Oregon where she then moved to the East Coast of North Carolina at the age of 6. She grew up spending her summers in the Southern Most Outerbanks of Salter Path, NC constantly at the beach or on the boat. Her home base is now Carolina Beach, NC.

As a true waterwoman, Cameron’s love all began with swimming competitively, with the confidence that swimming gave her in the water she wanted to do everything possible around it, from scuba diving, wakeboarding, parasailing, rowing, paddleboarding, sailing, to every form of wave riding. Her heart is with traditional longboarding, with her favorite board being her 9’6 Bing Surfboards Silver Spoon. She has recently taken an eye for filmmaking and capturing moments of the everyday surf lifestyle. When she’s not behind the lens you can find her dancing on the waves. Cameron is passionate about traveling, she is constantly on the move exploring breaks all over the east coast as well as the west. She’s recently visited Peru, Puerto Rico, California, and a little bit of everywhere from Virginia to Florida just in the past year.

Cameron recently graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Recreation and Tourism Management where she hopes to one day work with a sustainable surf resorts. During her time at UNCW she was on the Surf and sailing team where she competed on National Level. Cameron still continues to compete in various Longboard Contest and is looking forward to her next contest at the Malibu Surfing Association Classic in September. She has plans to move out to California here soon, so be on the look out.


Colby Crombie

I grew up in California. I am a competitive surfer and like to ride longboard I live in Carolina Beach and I surf every single day. I have been surfing for 5 years and I ride Stewart Surfboards. I am 14 years old. I love to nose ride!!


Kylee Heath

Carolina Surf Brand Ambassador. Kylee is our newest and one of our youngest Ambassadors. Kylee calls Carolina Beach home and surfs every chance she gets! Keep your eye on Kylee as she has a bright future ahead of her. We welcome Kylee to the team and can’t wait to watch her shine and grow!


Mack Landry

Mack Landry lives, eats, and breathes, surfing.  His stoke is contagious and he’s always at the beach with his family surfing.  Recently he has been invited to California to surf with the Carolina Beach Longboard Club in Malibu.  We are very happy to have such a positive and energetic surfer such as Mack to represent Carolina Surf Brand.


Tim Brinson

I grew up in Orange County, California. I currently live in Carolina Beach, NC, and I feel fortunate to be where I am. I developed a love for the ocean before I was two years old. My mom had us at the beach almost daily. I spent every day either skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding. I started my sideways lifestyle at the age of 5 when I got my first skateboard. Not long after, I caught my first wave, with the help of a random surfer I walked up to at the Huntington Beach Pier, at age 8. On the daily, you can find me either surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, skateboarding, or hiking… Pretty much anything outdoors-always out there. I am a Pre-K Teacher, work and surf for Aussie Island Surf Shop, and love sharing the stoke through teaching surfing at Tony Silvagni Surf School. I enjoy expanding my knowledge of surf history and design and get psyched riding all types of equipment made by Jason Rowells Surfboards. I just love how different boards flow and connect to the ocean and the wave’s energy differently. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an amazing company as Carolina Surf Brand. Much love!


Robert Duesing

Home town-Oak Island NC currently resides-Carolina Beach NC
Rob grew up among the islands of southeastern North Carolina. Adventures and excursions seemed like a weekly occurrence with his family and friends. Whether it be taking the boat to a new spot to fish, loading up kayaks and heading for rivers and lakes in the mountains or just walking a few blocks down to the beach for the day. This fed Robs interest in photography and being outdoors in the water in particular. Rob currently works at a hotel on Carolina Beach and takes photographs and surfs in his free time. His advice: “eat healthy and play more than you work”


Darius Oliver

Hey guys! My name is Darius Oliver but I go by Oliver or Ollie! I’m a 20 year old free surfer but will be doing some competitions in the future. I started surfing when I was a sophomore in high school. I live in Wilmington, NC and I’m a college student. I love adventure and traveling. My favorite place to surf at home is hamlet avenue with my bros Dylan Wishart and Colbie Crombie! We all work as instructors at Tony Silvagni Surf School. My other favorite place is Lighthouse in Cape Hatteras! It gets gnarly there! Along with my career, I hope to become a pro free surfer and travel the world to do missionary work while surfing great waves! It’s always good to be a light and change in the world!

Ambassadors of The Environment


Mike Rhode

Mike began his career in marine biology in 2002, living on a field station in Wallops Island, VA. Here he taught courses on various aspects of coastal and barrier island ecology to people ranging in age from 8 to 80. While living there he also began frequently kayaking, fishing and surfing around Assateague Island National Seashore. Determined to help preserve more beaches and waterways, Mike moved to Lewes, DE in 2005 and got his masters degree, focusing on how human actives and weather affect the migration of young fish populations. In 2009 he moved to Wilmington, NC where he worked as a research technician using submarines and ROVs to study deep sea coral reefs, including those affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Mike has now relocated to Charleston and loves spending time at the beach with his wife Kate and little girl Lana Marie. He now plans on offering a variety of educational ecological walks and paddles in our local waterways with Carolina Surf Brand.

We are constantly looking for folks that fit the bill to be an ambassador! interested in becoming a Carolina Surf Brand Ambassador? If so send an email to with bio and pics.

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